With the small A-body models, AMAG had an attractive new offering, since the land yachts of the 1950s were too large for the narrow streets in Switzerland. The Swiss vehicles were improved with parts made in Switzerland. Rust prevention and the at times nonchalant production quality of the American vehicles didn’t stand a chance here.
Chrysler Valiant / Dodge Dart


It was commonplace for American manufacturers to market the same base models which had been reworked to a greater or lesser degree under different brands. Today, this practice has been further developed by other manufacturers.

This also applied to brands of the Chrysler Group, which AMAG imported between 1946 and 1980 and also assembled between 1949 and 1972 in Switzerland.

The Chrysler Valiant and the Dodge Dart were based on the principle of identical parts. They shared the same chassis, motor and many other components, but had a different design.

Dodge + Vanguard

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