75 years of Automontage Schinznach

The first 66 Swiss-made Plymouths rolled off the newly constructed assembly line in Schinznach-Bad in the second half of 1949. A total of 30,000 Chrysler, Plymouth, DeSoto, Dodge, Fargo, Studebaker and VW Karmann-Ghia vehicles were assembled there by 1972.


Celebrate with like-minded people

As the decades passed, an idea first conceived for tax reasons evolved into a mark of quality. That is probably also why many of these ‘Schinznach assembly’ cars have survived to this day.

Celebrate the 75th anniversary of Automontage Schinznach together with other owners of these classics at the Swiss Museum of Transport. 



From 10:00 am      Entrance through the foyer to the piazza in the Museum of Transport, accreditation and souvenir gift  

Until 10:30 am       Entry possible 

10:45 am                Welcome to the participants 

11:00 am                Start of the special show about car assembly in the Road Traffic Hall

11:20 am                Tour of the special exhibition in the Road Traffic Hall 

11:45am                 Aperitif and additional highlights in the Arena

12:15 pm                Barbecue and salad buffet

                                  Free viewing of the exhibition or discussion among petrol heads by the cars

2:30 pm                  Joint trip to the Museum of Transport's outdoor storage area in Rain

3:00 pm                  Parking in the special car park

3:15 pm                  Guided tour of the Museum of Transport's lesser-known exhibits

4:15 pm                  Afternoon snack 

5:00 pm                  End of the eventten 


Cost:                         CHF 100 per vehicle incl. 2 people  

                                  CHF 75 per vehicle incl. 1 person


Hans Hossle